Podcast: The Sode of God

My rough notes:

Woe to those who remain [are anchored] on earth
Purpose of this generation is to convince the world heaven is real

Visual Appearance of Enoch

how to test an encounter:
no condemnation
frequency of Father’s love

you are powerful to disagree
test everything hold on to the good

bench of 3: peter james john
7 to administer
7 before the throne

Zec 3
a group of people went in the spirit
Joshua appeared
Joshua said to angel put a turban on their head

We will be deceived to the extent we are moved by the seen realm
fix your eyes on what is unseen
Sode is:

  • group of councillors
  • what they do
  • decisions they make
  • a conversation
  • translated ‘secret’

Prophetic age has ended
Justin said to prophetic roundtable
Sketchy prophets
“this month is your breakthrough!”
too late, it was 2000 years ago
Prophets of the church, not prophets of Christ

In the latter days you will understand it perfectly
Jer 23
Who has stood in the sode of the Lord

Dan 10:21
scripture of truth unlocked among a generation
generation bright like stars
Even false prophets could enter the sode if they wanted
How to access? value it
hold it in your heart with affection

No end-time theology that rearms a devil that has already been disarmed

I am fed up with prophets that can be bought, that go where the money speaks, product sells

Ministry (patricia king?)
prophetic will be powerfully released
healings will be decreed and manifest
prophetic gifts grow in accuracy
prophetic will release displays of power and power will bring harvest of souls

Rick Joyner
Church is about
unravel the intricate webs of deception the enemy has taken years to weave
public statements by Christians will undo propaganda from thousands of books
Charles Finney
people unable to endure the word